MISSION CONTROL COLLECTIVE began when a group of friends decided to stop talking about making an adventure film and start doing it. We shot our first film BLUETOPIA in 2014 in the Blue Mountains wilderness area many of us grew up exploring.

Since the we’ve shot a second film in the Frenchman’s Cap in the reasonably remote Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park of Tasmania. THE LORAX PROJECT will be released online later in 2016.

Adventure film making is a challenging area requiring proficiency in a range of disciplines in addition to cinema-making skills. The equipment needs to be light and its practitioners need the ability to improvise in often extreme weather conditions. But we love it.

We seek to tell adventure stories which are authentic but able to understood by mainstream audiences. Rather than all the jargon and technical nuances of the adventures we’re interested in the natural beauty surrounding us when we’re there. A natural beauty┬áso often in need protection. Through film we want to engage more people it the long-term battle to safeguard these wild places so future generations can behold them too.