Mission Control Collective is a fusion of actions by a group of people who believe passionately that a better world is made by people who are doing what they truly love to do. This is surely when each of us is most engaged and most effective.

For us its adventuring. We climb, trail run, highline, BASE jump and more but most of all we love Nature and getting out there on a consistent basis. For other people its gardening or ballet or breakdancing or quantum physics.

We also love film-making and have learnt how to document the activities we love using lightweight cameras and the latest drone technology too. With the explosion of online film there had never been a better time to be a visual story-teller.

There are some huge challenges facing the world right now and the best way to contribute is by aligning your talents, whatever they are, with the big issues we need to face up to as a collective species.

So what do you love to do?