In FEB 2015 we left for Tasmania on a next-level film-making mission. We had film-making equipment, we had trad climbing gear, BASE rigs, drones and everything else we needed. We had to carry it all on a challenging trek through pristine and mystical forest and up mountainous paths to reach our destination: Frenchman’s Cap. It’s thought the first Europeans to ever set foot in this area were escaped convicts who canabalized each other to survive and it is a rugged environment indeed. Tasmania is an island of extremes environmentally-minded activists keen to protect the natural beauty frequently facing off against logging and mining companies eager to plunder the natural bounty for short-term gain. We wanted to make a film set in this amazing landscape to remind people, even those who may not ever get the chance to visit of the importance of protecting these amazing places. THE LORAX PROJECT is currently in post-production and will be released later in 2017.

+ Thanks to Kamil Sustiak for this amazing photo. He was dangling over a giant void to get these shots of our climbers on the epic face of Frenchman’s Cap. You can see more of his amazing portfolio at .